The life you deserve awaits!

How would you like to get back to the YOU that’s lying dormant inside of you?

The one you hoped you would become but you’ve never felt like you had time for, especially as life has gotten in the way? You can become more productive, healthier, and have better relationships, especially the one with yourself. Most important, you can live the life you choose, not just the life that’s “happening to you.”

Most of my clients come to me lost.

They’re grown women, they know what they want their lives to look like, what they feel like their lives “should” be, and they feel like they’re not living up to their own expectations or anyone else’s. They also feel like they’re ready to shift, but don’t know how. Often, they’ve done workshops, self-help, paid for coaching, and nothing has worked. Then they come to me and I help them remember who they really are, and bring joy back into their lives.

One client, when I asked her to come up with a list of things she could do for fun, couldn’t think of a thing. Another couldn’t give herself permission to play unless it was with and for her kids. For so many of my clients, getting a solid underpinning, remembering who they are underneath all the labels, is what it takes to get their lives back on track. So often, it looks like we have everything together. But if someone walked up to us on street and said: Look at you. You’re overweight, you never get enough done on your to do list, you don’t give enough to your kids or your family, you just don’t accomplish enough, no matter how busy you are – most of us would burst into tears and run away, wondering how they knew our dark secrets. Even when we do take time for ourselves, it’s never enough to make a permanent difference.

This program is going to make you more aware and allow you to get back to a place where you can be the person you wished you would become.

It’s going to slow you down – not on the outside, but on the inside – like in a movie where everything else stays the same and the heroine goes into slow motion so she can take time to think, or dodge the bullet that’s coming at her! It’s going to start your clock back over, in a way, by reminding you who you are inside. Then once you’re in a great, aware place, it’s going to give you the tools you need to create something you need in your life, that’s just for you.

One of my favorite clients sent me this email, and I think it says it all: “If I had only stopped for a minute to create a new life, create my own life, but I didn't. Where I am now - or at least was until a couple of months ago -- was just my reaction to whatever came to me. I have been reacting to everything and not thinking about my choices. For the first time in my life I feel like I'm a blank piece of paper just waiting for color to be painted all over it. I'm not yet sure how to get all those colors, but it's what I want. For the first time I know that's what I want.”

  • You’re going to know why you make the choices you do, and deliberately choose to fix what’s not working.
  • You’re going to be more mindful, more aware.
  • You’re going to get more time back in your day.
  • You’re going to learn what you need to do in order to stop coasting through life in neutral, or worse, speeding through life without brakes!
  • You’re going to see how to turn back time to take back your own power and become more of the person you want to be.

Working with me privately will cost you up to $6000 a month. This program is only $997 for ten weeks, and I’ll come right into your inbox by video, giving you a powerful and useful exercise that you can do every week. Of course you’ll get coaching nudges every week too, in case you’re the procrastinating type. You can reach out to me at any time if you want to dive deeper or you need more help.

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When you sign up for this program I’ll also give you, at no cost, my 3 Practical Tips Series

  • 3 Practical Tips to Transform Negative Thinking
  • 3 Practical Tips To Getting Through It
  • 3 Practical Tips to Transform Your Body

These simple methods and suggestions can help you shift from a place of “I can’t” to a place of “I CAN and I WILL!!”

Sign up for this program and you’ll be on your way to creating the life you want, self-aware and powerful.

You’ll also get a money-back guarantee any time in the first 30 days, so that you can try this program out and make sure it’s right for you. I want to help you, not take your money.

But you have to invest in yourself first, or there’s no value there for you.

For example, right now, you’re trying to decide whether you’re worth it. You’re thinking, “is this program worth it,” but you’re really asking if YOU are worth it. After all, you’ve probably put yourself last for a long time.

So let me ask you, if you don’t start this program, today, what is life going to continue to look like? What will it look like in ten weeks? The same. And how’s that been working for you? When you sign up today, you are just 10 short weeks away from a better you in every aspect of your life.

Aren’t you ready to get that life you visioned?

Click the link below and let’s get started.

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Join the Program Now for Only $997